Saturday, March 29, 2008

Under Construction

This week was all about pond building. We had perfect weather and some good music to work with from Mikes IPOD. Michaels twin brother Marc came down from Maryland for the week to help. This could not have gone so smoothly with out him. We all worked efficiently and quickly. Michael is a Master of ponds and stone.

Working with the twins was so great. They are obvioulsy so close, that when I listened to them reasoning out a plan, or chatting as they worked, I thought how wonderful, it is as though they are talking with the same voice, like listening to your own head, except with another body attached to it.

We have finishing touches and planting still to do, but that can wait. We need some rest.

I came home friday evening to cards and gifts at my doorstep from my little fairy friends Lindsey, Hanna and Gracie. Apparently the spent the afternoon playing in my garden. I think the flower pot came from my carport....


lostlandscape said...

The pond looks like a it's off to a great start--water is such a great thing to have burbling in a garden. Enjoy having a whole new area to plant!

Fernmountain said...

Thanks! if only it were my own pond. I don't think the client has even seen it, he travels a lot!