Sunday, March 23, 2008


Illustration by Koo Schadler

This morning children are awakening to gifts delivered by a magical rabbit who often leave eggs hidden in a field of bluebells.

In our house the Easter bunny would hide beautifully Illustrated eggs filled with quarters instead of candy. It was always a magic and whimsical day. There was always a token to be found in the mouth of the Korean Stone Tiger, as it was on the mornings of my childhood easters. If is was warm we would go swimming naked in a nearby creek. Sweet and happy memories they are. We believed in miracles and experienced them often, as I still do.

Yesterday my little friend Lindsey helped me build my new kitchen garden. Her family does not celebrate Easter. They believe that fairies come from a place of evil. I am not sure what to do with this child who is taught not to believe in magic. She is so fairy like herself, running through the woods barefoot with her little dog Snickers, golden hair shining in the sun.

We did fill trays of peat pots with soil and we planted and labeled tomatoes and peppers for our gardens. I am grateful to have a child friend nearby. Sometimes we get out the watercolors and paint. But not fairies. Sometimes she brings a friend. Lately she has been sketching daffodils in her sketchbook.

>When considering my options for how to spend the day, I could have wished for no other circumstance. It was beautiful.

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