Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shifting from Darkness to Light

The Vernal Equinox is occurring now. The sun has crossed the line into the growth, warmth and happiness of springtime, along with a beautiful full moon in Libra (my moon) and the celebration of Easter in the days that follow this one.
There is perfection and order in every part of the universe and that is certainly relflected in the unfolding of spring flowers.

I view this as a high vibrational moment. The veil between worlds is thin. Energy is amplified and I aim to be conscious of the energy I am sending out into the world, because at these moments events can be amplified and easily ripple out with far reaching effects. This is the season where the visions dreamed during the winter begin to manifest into form.

The nature spirits take the blueprint and begin their work of building. I look forward to seeing the results of our co creative handiwork. Ideally, the quiet internal work done over the winter will move into full expression by summer. It is time to live the dream.

The wind is howling as I type this, drying things off after a deep soaking rain yesterday. We are in a window of perfect planting weather. I look forward to hearing what nature has to say to me as we plant a new garden today. I associate wind with cleansing and change. Sweeping things clean.

Something is up, Snickers, the neighbors Cockapoo came scratching on the back door at 4:00 am. The near full moon made the light in the house very bright so here I am, thinking it was dawn…wide awake. Finn had a rowdy hour of play and is now sleeping in my bed, where I should be.

I suppose I was meant to have this quiet thoughtful hour of equinox energy at the first moments of a new season.

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