Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gardening as a metaphor for life

It has been a nice change going back to work. We have had two all day rainstorms this week, in between perfect sun drenched work days. A perfect way to ease in to a new season.

Taking advantage of coming rains we did a lot of transplanting. Shrubs, trees and perennials that were in inappropriate spots were quickly lifted out of the ground and moved to more appropriate situations. These re arrangements had been put on hold since last fall due to severe drought.

We cut roots, we shifted things around and immediately the healing rains gently healed the wounds as the plants adjusted to their new environments. We did this on every property we could get to this week. Along with raking leaves, pruning, and a good spring cleanup. The gardens are fresh and ready for new growth.

It is amazing how improved the gardens looked and felt once things had been re-arranged. The energy of the whole garden shifted. I call it transformation in a day. Sometimes we call it 'Putting on the Glow'. It is a Feng Shui or energetic rearrangement of the garden, charging it with new energy, making it feel much better to be in.

This mirrors my life as well. Decisions, issues and projects that had been up in the air or had been stagnating suddenly shifted and resolved. The quiet, hibernation of my soul over the winter moved out into the sunshine, the winds of change, swept the old debris aside, some hopes and dreams were pruned that could not bear fruit. Other things moved forward with ease and clarity.

Sometimes when pruning it is difficult to know which branch to cut, but being a gardener I realize the sometimes necessary process of cutting out that which does not bear fruit in order to support new growth. It is often disappointing to realize that no matter what that vine will not be able to bear a luscious harvest. The vision was grander than the form could bear. A correction is needed.

I had a friend who was a gardener at the White House in Washington D.C.. I would go visit her in the gardens and she would show me the beautiful pruning done on the Kousa Dogwoods and specimen trees on the grounds. She told me that it is better to cut too much, than to leave too many weak branches. I generally cut to the strongest bud that is brightly colored and reaching out toward the light.

Gardening is truly a metaphor for life.

I find it interesting that I have focused so much on the Helleborus plant lately. Years ago while studying flower essences and their vibrational healing qualities I read that Helleborus essence was used to comfort a broken heart.

Here is a description of the healing qualities of Helleborus from Touchwood Plant and Flower Essences. The portrait to the Right is Helleborus livida.

A clearing preparation, … clear past bliss/joy from clogging chakras as much as for Clearing past negative events. Hellebore restores the spirit, a cleansing brew to cut through past heals and hurts together. Refreshing the soul and allowing it to get on. Progression, moving forwards, a preparation to be used as directed by the soul. If the soul needs it, it will know, and encourage you to use this essence. A forward-looking blend against past hurts and ills. For moving forward/on. Unsticking. Hellebore: let it dispel darkness, mulch the ground and lie fallow. Renewing - springtime growth and harmony throughout all organs. Of truth and lightness/brightness.

I would say that resonates~

I am always so grateful for plant consciousness. It never fails to heal a confused spirit when the winds of change blow in.

Flower essences are based on the Doctrine of Signatures. The shape of the leaf, the color and shape of the flower, the root formations, and scent indicate which part of the mental, physical, and ethereal body relates to the flower, there by assisting in the understanding of the healing properties of that plant. For example Liverwort is a woodland plant. It's leaves resemble the shape and often the color of the liver. If person were to take in the essence or spirit of this plant that plant would affect the area of the body its signature holds. This healing would occur on the mental, causal and spiritual body.

Today I will plant seeds, sweep my own wee garden clean and energetically charge it for the new season. It is the New Moon weekend and time to plant. I think I will plant some Zinnia seed in peat pots to set out later, as well as my lettuce and greens. Zinnia essence is all about Joy. I will end my day with a little fire ceremony. At last I can burn the sticks that have collected in my firepit. We have had good rains after a year of drought and I can now move forward on that fun chore too!

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