Friday, May 2, 2008

Moss Lawns

I have a client that has a wee patch of lawn and she doesn't want to mow it. We talked about using moss instead. On the edge of the gorge and under the tree's, why grow grass? Today on a walk I saw bluets blooming in a patch of moss and thought Oh! Isn't that stunning. Then the New York Times had this article this week Moss Makes a No Care Lawn

This is how my life works. We get the vision, then more info comes in. We start the project next week. There is even a company that sells moss for this purpose. Which is good, I hate to dig it up and disturb the balance of things.

I have an area in my yard that does not support a traditional lawn. I will begin to turn into a moss lawn as well.

My community garden plots are prepped and ready. One of them is planted with cool weather crops, the other is for the rest. I have the straw for mulching. It just needs some rain to soak it and germinate the seed in it before I mulch.

The rain is due tomorrow night. So perfect.

My heirloom Italian tomato varieties will be ready to plant soon, as well as the Jade sunflowers Green Envy Zinnias, and the Nicotiana, Moonvine and Datura....after the Blackberry Frost.

You will know frost is very possible when the Blackberries flower. These plants need a cold spell to set their fruit.

After that it will be crazy week, planting begins in super drive. All the fluff gets to come out and play. I love it. I will be waiting as the trucks arrive at the nurseries for the best colors and combinations to create with. Last year a nursery owner said, as I helped him unload the truck, that I was like a 'seagull goin after chum' when the trucks rolled in.

We hired another gardener today. Wish he had been here for mulch season.... he is an artist and a boulder climber, so Mike and I both are happy. Mike climbs, I paint.

With planting season a week or so away, I will spend the weekend in my own garden, getting centered and grounded.

I still have mulch in my driveway to spread, oh and the shed still needs paint.....It will all get done in due time, I always remember my friend JC, who ran a huge herb business saying to me, 'just get up and start puttering. I get more done when I putter.' She was absolutely right.

Enjoy Spring!

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