Sunday, May 18, 2008

I got a Howdy Hoo from a garden friend in Virginia this week

A few years ago I came into your Gardens of Delight, and you gave me a package of native poppies you had collected and packaged. Last year I had gone through all my seeds and decided to empty all my older seeds into one big bag and have at it. It is funny, you and I were never close friends but now you are thought of every day when I walk through my yard. The poppies are beautiful! And you have become another cherished friendship represented in my garden. How cool is that?
Morgan is impressive at the nursery, defiantly got it going on. Good job Mom

The poppies are Papaver somniferum. A low toxicity form of the Opium poppy. They are sold in catalogues as bread seed poppies. Years ago when working at Oatlands Plantation a few of the typically bright orange poppies were lavender, over the next few years I pulled out all the orange ones from the garden and eventually got a pure lavender batch of seed. These have been distributed freely for the last twenty years.

Sadly, I haven't gotten the poppies to flourish here in my wooded haven. They tend to self seed like crazy, but they don't like the shredded mulch in Blowing Rock gardens.

I will keep trying though. The poppies are always in bloom on Mother's Day.

What a nice example of how plants connect us through the heart and the memories. I am touched that folks still remember me, through their garden plants.

Morgan does have it going on at the nursery. I went up there last weekend to visit and bring home plants for the clients in Blowing Rock. The new retail sales shed is wonderful, after years of just a tiny space for the register and gift items, they now have a display area and upstairs Morgan has an office.

My little granddaughter greets everyone with a 'Hey' just like her Mom does.

Mike and I put so many plants in the ground this week it is staggering! By Friday it seemed as though the week would never end. Perfect weather for it though, cool and rainy.

My community garden plot is planted and mulched with straw.

All is well.

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