Friday, May 9, 2008

Tornado Warnings

My mulch pile is gone! Last weekend was all about getting everything in my own garden edged weeded and mulched.

I finished Sunday afternoon and to celebrate Finn & I went to Wilson's Creek for a hike and a swim. It was a perfect day to be there. Finn loved it and the waterfalls made his cinnamon colored fur feel so soft and clean. He is an amazing animal, jumping rocks and ducking into the falls. I love watching him being a dog. Nothing makes him happier than playing in water. We have such a good life. It is hard to imagine that in other parts of the world war and cyclones even exist.

But last night we had a weather event as well.

The storm arrived just as I finished cleaning the interior of my Honda Element of pine straw bits, potting soil, tools and dog gunk. I went inside and turned on the news to find out that funnel clouds had been reported nearby. It was a huge local television event, but other than a nice strong rain, and a few claps of thunder all was well. I did go out to the carport to tidy up a bit and watched a snake in my gutter taking a shower in the water that overflowed. We stared at each other a while. Note to self...clean gutters carefully!

It was peak week for the Spring green Tulips in Blowing Rock. These are some tough plants.

They have been frosted and frozen many times this season, and still look perfect.

I snapped a photo of the Dogwood meadow from my front porch. I have loved that view all spring. The trees are leafing out all around me and my view from all my windows is a tapestry of pure forest greens. Very lush and private.

I am in awe daily of my environment. It is so incredibly beautiful.

At work we are working on two properties that have just built on new porches. Both places are a total wreck.

We have much to do to restore the gardens to lushness. We are tired~ We have also realized our new helper is not so much help. We feel like it its more work for us to keep an eye on him, and to redo work he attempted to do. It is difficult to find people who can just jump in and make a garden happen quickly and efficiently. Michael and I have been in the business for so many years, we know how to not do the work twice. It is difficult for others to keep up and meet our standards. Especially when we are so pressed to get so many things done well.
Thank goodness for weekends~
I am heading to Virginia for a few days to visit my daughters and our nursery. I plan on packing the Honda full of beautiful plants to bring to Blowing Rock. Hopefully all frosts are behind us and the planters and annuals can go in the ground.
There has been no time for painting, but things will settle down soon. The season of enjoying the fruits of our labors is coming soon.

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