Thursday, April 24, 2008


We were working in the edge of the gorge and saw the smoke. Later that Day Ray's Weather posted this Photo of a controlled burn taken that evening.

We have done little else but spread mulch the last few weeks. Not my favorite chore, but it does look great when all the beds are edged and looking great. So, we mulch and mulch and mulch.

Blowing Rock gardens have way too much mulch! I suggest groundcovers instead. I think it is healthier for the older trees. Ground covers trap humidity near the soil, and can extend the life of trees greatly. Think of the money saved on mulch and labor!

I do find time to photograph my garden flowers before work and in the evenings. It is smelling so good!

This morning I had to photograph the 'Geurnsey Cream' clematis, the fragrant Phlox divaricata, and the Tulip Bud against the moss phlox.

The other evening I was in awe of my Thalia narcisssus. They are so Orchid like. They shine in the evening light.

Then I noticed the apricot colored cup on this beauty. I will paint these next winter, I did do a series of Thalia in the moleskin sketchbook.

I have also been giving revernce to my sweet white violet, brought from the mountain at home. These used to be my spring groundcover on the slopes. It will take years to get them distributed around my small garden.

I do love my gargoyle, watching over things in the evening light.

Good night Fairies......

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