Sunday, February 1, 2009

Light Changing

I normally paint botanicals, but in February nothing is blooming and I have no desire to sketch bouquets of store bought roses and carnations. So I have been sketching and painting birds, dogs and children. A stretch for me...but fun to try. 

I do a little better with birds than dogs and children. The body proportions are difficult for a dork like me, but I want to be able to paint my grandchildren as they come along. 

I took a photo of Finn last summer, laying on the porch with his ball in the hope that I would stop gardening long enough to throw it for him. He is so beautiful I wish I could do him justice.  I am painting this sketch as well, but not thrilled with it. Painting dog fur in watercolor is a big challenge. There is so much going on in that pile of brown fluff. 

I am also feeling the need to get my kitty on the white paper too before he heads over the rainbow. He is over 20 years old, and the most beautifully marked Siamese tabby mix I have ever seen. I love his blue eyes, pink nose and raccoon striped tail.  He doesn't photograph well, and even in his sleep he moves that will be a challenge.

Yesterdays challenge was this sketch of my granddaughter toodling near a garden bench. 

I will work on this some more today, I want so badly to get the right look of busy curiosity in her face. 

In the meantime I am watching the old world crumble and the new world gestate with hope and joy at the transformation that is taking place.  I know transition is always uncomfortable, but transformation always follows.  It is the constant spiral of Ascension.  We just made a leap from tradition, the world watched as a new President was inaugurated, millions gathered in peace to celebrate and sing a song of joy.  Now, a time of transition, depending on how long we drag our feet in fear until we manifest transformation.  How exciting!
Personally I am visioning a financial system that is not based on debt.  That would truly be freedom from slavery wouldn't it?  I have been seeing future paintings of mine of crumbling super malls, with magical trees sprouting from the ruins.  I sure wish I had the capabilities now to paint some of these images as beautifully as I see them in my minds eye.....but I am working on it daily, in small ways with small things.

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