Saturday, February 14, 2009

Narcissus are Budding

Happy Valentines Day!


Anonymous said...

While observing an odd backwoods landscape recently in Western NC I remarked to my co-worker how that type of irregularity in the northern Virginia area may reveal a rock construction from German mercenaries or a previous defensive structure from revolutionary times. The blank stare reminded me of how far I have strayed from an earlier, illuminating part of my life. Well, times change as does your life, but it is often as happy one way as the other, hoping all old friends are still happy. The illustrations and the musings are refreshing; and the hope!
Finn remains fond in memory,


Fernmountain said...

What? No evidence of Hessian soldiers in these foothills, no roman coins buried in this red dirt?

I guess it was gold mining around here. I still hope to find a garnet when ever I wander. Oh yes, life is one big happy party! Illuminating always.

Thanks for stopping by Bear and for leaving me a note at the saloon. Enjoy!

Finn is happiness with furr. Big wet kiss from him....before he runs off for another stick.