Thursday, January 15, 2009

Veggie Doodles

As the US collectively shivers in the arctic chill of what is being called the coldest winter in decades, we are heading for the deep freeze here in NC as well. 

Nothing much to do except paint and putter. I am working on my statue paintings in the studio, but I am having more fun painting the veggies when I take a break from the larger projects I am attempting. I keep the moleskin notebook and a travel box of Sennelier watercolors on the kitchen counter for my doodles. This means I only have a few colors to work with and have to really think about mixing the colors I want. I used this travel set when I traveled to  Italy, the cappuccino's I indulged in after a delicious meal  kept me awake at night, so I painted two paintings that I ended up framing and showing.  I am realizing I have good luck with Sennelier paints. Maybe it is because they use honey as part of the formula for their paints. They do look yummy enough to eat. 

I had a lot of fun with this cabbage. It is great practice. I am getting better with mixing greens. For years I was struggling with how to mix colorful, but muted, green foliage. I may keep working on this one a bit more. So far, I have doodled in short spurts on this cabbage for a week. I am also painting a very bright red pepper.  I suppose painting the vegetables is keeping me from getting too lonely for the summer will be here soon enough. In the meantime it is fun to dream about those beautiful vegetables on paper, and take long wintertime naps with the 97lb brown fuzzy Finn dog.  

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