Sunday, October 5, 2008

Everyday is an adventure

I used to tell my employees working with me in the gardens that everyday was an adventure.

It truly was.  I have always found myself in challenging situations and enjoyed the always great results at the end of the day. 

Last weekend was no different. Although, I wasn't gardening or hiking, I was campaigning for Senator Obama. I have never donated to a political campaign before. The amounts of money they work with is mind boggling to me and I figured they really didn't need my sweat and blood cash. But the insanity of this election year has caused me to actually send in some money and volunteer as well. I thought, why not get to know some of my neighbors here in town and see if I can help out. 

So I showed up at the local mall, which really isn't a mall, though I do take art classes there, where the Obama campaign has an office. There was a young woman, Katy from Illinois there to meet with and show me what to do. This girl was amazing! So bright and informed and organized. 

She went over how to register voters and ask about their concerns and who they may vote for. Since I was the only person to show up she let me have my pick of areas to visit, so I picked Bradford Mountain Road. Did I mention that I have never campaigned before or that I am in a very religious and republican area?  I am. So, I drive off by myself, because no one else showed up, with my maps and voter addresses, less than a quarter tank of gas (This was the weekend there was no gas in Western North Carolina) and headed into an area I had never been before. I loved the names of the roads I would be visiting, like Mystery Trail, and Rural Retreat, so what the heck, I was on an adventure. Even though, I was feeling alone and somewhat disturbed that they didn't send us out in groups. Fortunately a lot of the people weren't home. Especially the ones in the more scary looking houses and trailers. I dropped off pamphlets and ran from those.

I did hop out of my car at one run down trailer and was halfway to the door when a man came out rather aggressively.  So I said 'Hey How ya doin, my name is'......and started the conversation. 
He said "Isn't that guy a N......?  At that point I didn't really know what to say and started waving my arms around and said 'Well half and half really, but I think he has the potential to become a great leader'. I asked if he was registered to vote and he said no, I'm a felon. By this time I'm thinking I'm way over my head, this place could be a Meth lab, who knows..... but I kept talking.  

It actually turned into a good conversation, and we agreed that the world needed some help right about now. I suggested he not let color hold him back and we waved goodbye. 

I talked with another woman who was firmly for Mr McCain, so I filled out my form and said so you're voting for the same?"   'Yes Maam'  she replied. I thanked her for listening to me and for her time.
Some of the other McCain people just shut the door in my face saying 'I don't want to talk to you'. We had a special code to circle for each type of response...that one would be a refuse.

The Obama voters though were more numerous, very nice and enthusiastic, some did invite me in and I found one voter who thought she was registered but she wasn't. I didn't run out of gas either. I think we need more volunteers here in western NC, badly. This town has lost 10,000 jobs in the last few years...why do these people keep voting for Republicans?  They worry about abortion, but it is a fact that in Democratic administrations abortion rates go way down.

So, it was a day spent in an altered reality, but a good one I think. I have also done some phone calling and I am getting a little better at talking to people about the issues. 

What I would really love to do though is give them all a copy of this article from Rolling stone Magazine called the Make believe Maverick. Sadly it tells a story of a man who is very opportunistic, but not very effective. Much of the article comes from Mr. McCain's own book, which is basically a bragging fest on what a loser he is. It is a rerun of the Bush resume. 

I won't even get into the Palin issue.....It is all just too crazy that half of America believe these people know what they are doing~ or if they do know what they are doing...that's the scary part. It is all the pundits on the news, nobody gets a straight and full story. The undecideds were so torn and confused.

I invite people to study up. Study the issues deeply, be informed on the facts, and make intelligent choices based on what you find to be truth. For those of you I talked to who have families that have closed minds, I know it is confusing and the pressure is great, but be sure to keep yours open.

Thank you for listening to me.  www.voteforchange/com  Please vote sanely.

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Tina said...

Oh. My. God!
You are one brave woman, that's for sure! I wouldn't have gone within a thousand yards of some of the places you describe.
Good for you!
It's very disturbing how much ignorance abounds, but then, you know the old saying about leading a horse to water . . .