Sunday, September 28, 2008

My African Foxglove are finally blooming. I have saved the seed for years now of this rare annual. I had begun to think that the few I had tucked into my narrow, overcrowded and slightly shady border would not bloom this year, but they did. So sweet they are. 

It is seed collecting time in the garden. I have zip lock bags filled with the seed of my pink morning glory,now intertwined and blooming with the Sweet Autumn Clematis, Datura, and Moonvine, which are all blooming so beautifully these cool moist evenings.

The Night Blooming Jasmine is also having a great year, putting out it's
third flush of fragrant little green flowers after dark. I did get to photograph it one rare morning when the blooms remained open after sunrise. As did this  moon flower. I was also enchanted by the dewy bud of tomorrow evenings bloom.

These are the little miracles I experience in my garden that remind me that the world is beautiful, in spite of the Grand Irrationality of the human world as corrupt structures implode for the purpose of renewal and growth. 

Soon these lush plants will succumb to the destruction of a hard frost, until then, I delight in the grace they add to my world. These night blooming wonders remind me of the magic that this world is truly made of.

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