Saturday, October 11, 2008

The next Generation

Meet Miss Barrie Ann Walker. 

She is hard at work at her mother's nursery getting it ready for Halloween.

She has been raised on the job these last 19 months.  She is the sixth generation of gardening women in our family. Her Aunt and grandmother are professionals, as well as her Mom.

 She keeps pet guinea hens and a chicken  in a pen in the back of the nursery.  

When customers come in she greets them with a friendly 'Hey!' Just like her Mom. She takes the visiting children to see the hens, so the parents can talk shop. 

On the hot days you can find her feeding the fish in the ponds, or cooling off in a fountain. 
I would say, she loves her job. 

Her Great-Great Grandmother, Winifred Vermilion, gardened and raised chickens like no other in her day in El Paso Texas. Barrie's great grandmother Aubrey, grew roses. 

Barrie's grandmother grew me to love nature, allowing me to spend my childhood adventuring in the outdoors with little supervision or restraint.

Her mother, by age six could plant dead squash plants and bring them  back to life. 

Her Aunt Airynee has fairies that hover around her feet as she walks amongst the gardens. 

I love this sweet and tough little soul who already promises to be  remarkable in her own special way. Gardening is in her DNA. I am pretty certain she can see and talk to fairies, like her Great Aunt Vanna, my sister. 

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