Thursday, December 22, 2011

Art and Whimsy on Clothing

I have spent the last few months playing with color wash  dyes, and having a lot of fun with it. (Once I learned how not to make the colors turn to mud LOL!)

I have so far found no video on using them on fabric, but I have been playing with dyes for years, and this product allows me to get the colors I want to be wearing these days.

Finding a  batik method on fabric with them has been a learning experience, as the water based resists melt if you don't cure them long enough. With the color wash, melting resist can create some cool effects, if not the one I was hoping for. For this rib knit shirt, I added color wash dye to the resist before painting the moon flower and the leaves.

I was getting so frustrated trying to use wax and such over the years, especially since I paint botanicals and want good detail! I was also getting tired of painting on white Tee Shirts. I want color!

The colorwash sprays on in brilliant colors, that blend and mingle in the moistened fabric. After it cures for at least three days, I rinse out the extra dye and reveal the design I painted into the fabric. The colors are muted after rinsing, just the way I like them! I did use a purple sharpie to outline and add details. I also blended in some green on the leaves with copic markers for more detail. Once the fabric is ironed the colors are washer safe.

It's a long process, but one I am happy with.  I can't show more photo's right now, because I am giving them away for Christmas!  I did take photo's and will post more after the holidays.

Sending holiday wishes to all for a magic and colorful winter season!

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Nina said...

That's cool. Trying to dye a shirt is a fun thing to do. All the best.