Thursday, March 12, 2009

Full Moon Bloom

The Full Worm moon was full on March 10th.  
The day after it was full, all the Flowering Cherry, Bradford Pear and Saucer Magnolias were in full bloom. I had never in my life noticed that the spring blooms opened for the moon! 

We are now expecting frustrating. I am glad I photographed my camellia a few days ago. I planted it in front of my propane tank. I predict the camellia will cover it well in a few years.

Until today, I have been able to keep all the windows and doors open at last!  Finn has loved having the back door open so he can come and go. I cleaned up the gardens and his sandbox. Finn loves to sleep in the sandbox I inherited when I moved here. I haven't had the heart to tear it out, ugly as it is.  My granddaughter may want to play in it next time she visits.

The spring cleanup has begun in Blowing Rock as well. Though spring really comes a few weeks later there. Everyone is happy to be back outside. Finn is happy to be back to work with us. 

Tuesday, I was working in a small fenced in garden. A neighbor of one of our clients was walking her lab, Abbey. Finn always goes next door and 'borrows' Abbey's toys. He knows where the biscuits are hidden in her garage. Since Finn was cooped up, she offered to take Finn with her and Abbey to Lovers Leap. He came back with her an hour later, hot and tired and sooo happy.  That's what I love about being in Blowing Rock. Friendly people.

Saturday we worked in the community garden. Lot's of people are participating this year.
A group of women had a yoga circle before starting their work. It was lovely energy to work in.  After such a cold and hermit like winter it was good to see people again! I love the sound of voices of all ages, laughing and giggling in the gardens on a warm spring day.

I now have salad greens and peas in the ground. The soil work I did last year really made a difference in the richness of this years plots. I added all my beautiful leaf compost to my kitchen garden here at home. It was like brown velvet. It is newly planted with arugula and greens. The snow melting on the beds will be great for germination. I have Japanese red onions sprouting up from those I did not harvest last fall. Perfect!

From here on out, snow or not...spring is coming on rapidly....  


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