Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sweet Mimosa

I was mowing the grass last night, so happy that it was lush and green again, thanks to the recent and regular rain we are having. I got to one corner of the back garden and smelled it...the Mimosa above me was in bloom. On the ground I found a perfect blossom laying at my feet, picked it up and deeply inhaled. I love the scent of Mimosa. It is so haunting and romantic.
I know my Mimosa tree is an invasive alien pest.....but the scent is awesome. I wonder if all the plant Nazi's were to eradicate this 'pest', which I am sure is quite good at colonizing territory, what would a warm southern summer night smell like with out them?
Also known as the Silk Tree, these exotic ornamental trees are native to Iran though Japan. They were introduced to our continent about the time this country, as we know it was born. They are masters at colonizing along riparian areas, traveling downstream easily. So clever.. that they block out light to other native species. Greed is not limited to humans. I have a few more saplings trying to establish themselves in my forsythia along the property line that I do need to deal with, later. In the meantime I am inhaling every molecule of beautiful fragrance I can get during it's brief time in flower. I am also studying and paint the blooms and the leaves.
How long has it been since I really studied the anatomy of a Mimosa flower. They are so delicate, subtly colored...the feminine reproductive tube is loaded with sweet nectar, hidden in the yellow ...turning to pink at the ends, filament like flower petals. All held securely by spring green colored tiny sepals. If held upright, the petals are geometrically and perfectly spread on a dome shape, all exactly the same length.
According to the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association the signature of the Mimosa flower and it's healing properties is is used for peaceful sleep and relaxation. The pink color resonates with the heart and encourages forgiveness. Well duh! Who can hold a grudge in the midst of such a sweet fragrance?
I did sleep and dream well last night. Mimosa' motto is "My bright head greets the morning and my leaves sleep at night"
Nature does often blow my mind.

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