Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dog Days and Flooding

I just realized I have not posted at all this month. Much has been happening.
I got called up for Jury duty last week, the day after my water heater overheated and poured 50 gallons of water onto my basement floor. It was all quite an adventure, saving the oriental wool rug with the rug doctor machine, in two day spurts between Jury duty at the courthouse in town.
But it did help me to hop off the hamster wheel of work and get my basement cleaned, a job that need to be done anyway. Fixing the heater was no big deal and I did give my own lawn and gardens the special attention it deserved while the plumber worked in the basement. So much got done in the three days I was off work, it all turned out to be a big ole blessing~
We have been getting wonderful rainstorms most evenings, so my gardens are flushing up and radiating deep green health. Even the mountains are looking deep green and shiny. The plant kingdom is having a major party in celebration.

About dog days...The Saturday before the water heater incident Finn had an epileptic seizure on the kitchen floor. A new experience for both of us and very unsettling. We also found out that day that Finn's father, Tank, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, and that it was terminal. Our family is devastated by this news. Most especially my oldest daughter, who is now feeding him the BARF diet based on raw foods for dogs. I will go this route with Finn as well when I can find a supplier, or learn to make it myself.

After the basement incident I decided to treat myself to quiet hours of painting. I am out of practice after the spring work marathon. But I have entered two paintings in some local shows at the end of the month with the High County Water media Society. I also enjoyed a demo at the meeting from Cathy Futral in acrylics. I decided to stick to water colors, after the demo, and save experimenting with acrylic painting until winter. As always, watching another artist work opens up new ways to work with the medium I am already using and brings in much needed inspiration.
Finn has not had much fun through out the basement incident and my retreat into painting. So we went to Wilson's Creek on Sunday morning. This time he actually went down the small falls above the swimming hole at Lady Rock. He is quite the water dog and very entertaining to watch. I did bring my camera this time......

All this, right in my back yard!

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