Sunday, May 10, 2009

My friend Carol's father gave her a Gardening Encyclopedia many years ago. It was one of those Better Homes and Garden type books that were written in the 1950's and it had all the information you would ever need to know concerning gardening. We reffered to it often.  It was called 'The Garden Marches On'  We used to laugh so hard at that title, and we still use the phrase often with giggles still. So even though it is Mother's Day, I am thinking of 'Papa' and the gardening knowledge we gleaned from his book.

This year, with all the rain, the garden is surely marching on...

The Cinnamon Ferns have been emerging and they are so interesting I had to photograph them.
They only look like this for a moment. If you blink they are unfurled. The ferns should be very happy with all the rain we are having. Things are lush and
 beautiful everywhere. The ferns are marching on....

I was late getting started today gratefully, both daughters called for a long Mothers Day chat.  Little Barrie was trying to show me over the phone how to make a man in a boat out of the Bleeding Heart Flowers. 

Morgan says her plants have been stripped of the pink heart shaped blooms. 

I am spending the weekend getting the veggie gardens ready for tomatoes and warm weather crops.  But first I had to prune away at some overgrown azalea, forsythia and maple limbs.
I have designs to do but nature is not letting me sit inside and contemplate such things.
I decided to post these photo's after a big pruning and cleaning of my huge azalea's. Rehydrate......then I will head out to the goat farm veggie plot and till.

I have several paintings of my spring bouquet's started, they end up in half done phases and then the bouquet fades and gets tossed before I can find a moment to paint! So frustrating. But such is spring, and things are growing so fast they soon get out of hand if you ignore them.
Kind of like the sprig of Virginia Creeper that covered my bathroom window last summer. I loved it, but this year it had to go or would it truly invade , smother the window and try to creep inside the room.
I never worry about what will happen when we humans leave the planet. I watch nature smothering abandoned homes and buildings along highway 321 on the way to work. It doesn't take long at all.

Some garden things have to be done now, before the next Rain! 
So I must keep marching on!

Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day!  

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